Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to help the new children by Diana Cooper

Part 1 of 2

As we move towards the new Golden Age we will start to honour the children who are entering. We will tune into their gifts and help them develop. We will listen to their needs and respect them. Before long we will recognise that our children are our greatest soul responsibility and joy.
Many of the souls entering new are a very fast frequency and find life on Earth very challenging. Here are some ways we can help them.

Communicating with our children
In the past parents told their youngsters what to do. Now it is time to hear their needs and listen to their wisdom.

Listening to babies
My daughter was staying at my home with Kailani who was then three months old. She had always been an exceptionally happy baby but on this occasion she was really howling with rage. I went into their room where Dawn was holding her. Like most women I longed to take her, cuddle her and make it better but my daughter explained quietly, ‘No Mum. When she’s upset we give her full attention and really listen.’ She returned her focus on the screaming child. As she maintained eye contact, she said quietly to her, ‘I hear that you are angry and I’m really trying to understand.’ I could feel that she was empathising with the child with every fibre of her being. After a while Kailani stopped bawling and nestled into her mother’s arms. I had a profound sense of her soul being at peace.

Recently I discussed this again with my daughter who told me that on the few occasions the baby had really been upset for no apparent reason they practised giving her full listening attention. They didn’t try to stop her crying but they were there for her. Perhaps she was venting her frustration about being restricted in a human body or felt homesick. It is no easy fix. Sometimes they have to listen for some time without giving up. She has also found that actively listening makes the screaming less distressing than hearing the child but not actively listening. She added that the following day the baby would seem exceptionally calm and they intuitively felt it increased their bond of trust. I felt humbled and awed at the wisdom of the parents of the new generation. How I wish I had their awareness when mine were young.

Baby signing
One way of setting up a two way communication with babies before they can speak is to teach them baby sign language. My granddaughter Kailani learnt the basics and at seven months was giving the sign for milk when she was hungry. It worked a treat and proved very beneficial. She is a little monkey though. This is a baby whose adoring parents are both at home all day, so she receives masses of attention. Soon after she learnt to sign for milk they were both busy and she sat between them on the floor playing with her toys. After a while, she called and gave the sign for milk. They were delighted and praised her for telling them what she needed. It transpired that she wasn’t in the least bit hungry but was very pleased with herself for finding another way to attract even more focus. They learnt from Baby Signing by Joseph Garcia.
I can’t wait for her to make the sign for Granny.

Listening to their stories
The fast frequency children incarnating now are multi dimensional. They have access to wavelengths that we may not be able to tune into. Their worlds are different from ours so remember they are stretching us. If ever I was nervous as a child my mother would snort, curl her lip and say disparagingly, ‘You have such a vivid imagination Diana.’ This is designed to close down psychic and spiritual ability.

Stay open to their world. Recently I was working on my next book. I looked up and saw a huge, enormous face with great round green eyes staring at me intently through the window. My guide, Kumeka, said, ‘It’s a being from another universe trying to learn from you. He can’t harm you. Just ignore him.’ Nevertheless I felt really uncomfortable and closed the curtain. Imagine if I had been a child and an adult had said, ‘Don’t be daft. There’s nothing there.’ It is a denial of their reality and that is scary.

So never dismiss what they say. If they tell you they have seen a being with red eyes and a long nose calmly ask them to describe it and share what they felt. The calmness in your voice is the reassurance they need. If you are scared so will they be.

Children may need protection so put them in Archangel Michael’s care or surround them in the Gold Ray of Christ. If they are old enough teach them to do it for themselves too.

I was sent a photograph with this story. The family all stood up to have their photo taken but the little girl refused to join them. She started crying and saying the little boy was frightening her. There was no boy, so they told her not to be so silly and come into the picture, so she stood at the very edge. In the photograph at knee height is the face of a spirit child.

Answer their questions thoughtfully and spiritually. What’s an alien? What happens when you die? I know a child who was told from an early age that her Grandma was with the angels. As a result she thinks of angels as synonymous with death and is scared of them.

Tell children about angels, elementals, unicorns and dragons. It gives them permission to talk about them. And remember that dragons are wonderful protectors, companions and friends.

Some of the new children are a challenge for us, just as we are for them. So let’s enjoy the opportunity to grow spiritually together. Next time I am writing about helping them to develop telepathy, autistic children and enabling them to ground their energies.

Diana Cooper is author is 18 books including 2012 and Beyond. She is Principal of the Diana Cooper School which organises Angel Awareness Day. This year it is on 10.10.10 in London. See